To Claire; From Sonny [ENG]

To Claire; From Sonny [ENG]

Žárn: Romantické

Trvání: 7 min

Uživatelé: nekomentováno


Země: Austrálie

Rok natočení: 2010



Tvůrci a herci:
Written, Directed, Edited, Music by Josh Beattie DP, Cinematography, Camera: Shuwei Zhang with Henry Orr as 'Sonny' Emmie Seaton as 'Claire' Gianna Gillies as 'Jess'

Popis filmu

Young love is like dying: a total, blissful, elegiac sense of the world. Youth itself is a finite state; unlike adulthood, which drones on and on. Youth – like pop music – is emphatically present. It crackles: “Now”. And that boldness of feeling floods young love. To be in love at sixteen is to be awash with feeling: filling up and up and up. Again, it makes for that death connection: the tsunami-life, where living surges so fast that death seems like the only possible corollary. Shakespeare didn’t kill off Romeo and Juliet because he set out to write a tragedy; he killed them because young love can only die…or else it cools… or else you grow up. Josh Beattie’s short, To Claire; From Sonny, is a small masterpiece on the subject.


Technical stuff:
Shot with one Canon EOS 7D SLR; audio and soundtrack recorded with the Blue Yeti condenser mic and mixed in Logic Pro 8; film sequenced in Final Cut Pro 3, colourgraded with Magic Bullet Looks 1.4; stabilised with Adobe After Effects CS5. Shot in 3 full days in Brisbane, Australia; smuggling camera gear into subways, rooftops, and ferries. Done in about three to four months pre-to-post.


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